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We take a holistic approach to our services.
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Who We Are

SAMIA PSYCHIATRY is an outpatient psychiatric practice founded by Meshack Samia to provide quality mental health treatment to adolescents and adults in Maricopa County and surrounding areas. We treat a wide range of psychiatric disorders and patient populations to accommodate the needs of the area we serve. The provider and staff at this practice are well trained and have significant experience in diagnosing and treating mental disorders and conditions.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping people live a healthy life by supporting them in managing their psychiatric health symptoms. With this, we can guide them as we evaluate and understand the nature of their issues and determine healthier coping mechanisms that work in their daily lives.

Our Vision

We strive to be known as a psychiatric rehabilitation provider that promotes our clients’ quality of life through services customized to address their unique needs. With this, we can reach more people who are dealing with psychiatric health issues and provide them with the guidance they deserve in managing their symptoms.

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